Meet Our Goldsmith

Meet Our Goldsmith

As a jewellery firm with a history that spans seven decades, we know the importance of quality. From the jewellery we display and the incredible customer service constantly given by our team, to the level of care, skill and precision provided through our jewellery services. Exceptional quality is the backbone of everything we do here at Warrenders and from our staff to our jewels, we only employ the very best.

With this in mind, in honour of Repair Week we chatted with our expert goldsmith, Steve, about the importance of high-quality jewellery repairs…

Tell us a bit about yourself - how did your career start as a goldsmith and what do you most love about your role?

Goldsmithery is in my blood. My father was a Goldsmith, so I grew up appreciating the finer intricacies of jewellery making and repair. I started my journey as a Goldsmith by attending Sir John Cass College of Art & Craft before working alongside my father as an apprentice.

I love working with all aspects of jewellery, particularly restoring jewellery I know is precious to the owner. With the right care, beautiful fine jewellery can be loved, worn and passed down for many generations. 

As well as crafting beautiful new jewellery, you specialise in bringing much loved pieces back to life. Is anything ever beyond repair?

Sadly yes, sometimes things are beyond repair. However, with most items, if I’d had the opportunity to repair them sooner, that would not be the case. That said, there are always ways to bring loved jewellery back to life, whether that is fixing the existing piece or, if that is not possible, taking the gemstones from worn out jewellery and remodelling them into something new.

What is the most common jewellery repair you see in your workshop?

Whilst no two repairs are ever the same, the most common repairs I see include adding new clasps to necklaces and also adjusting the size of rings. Both of these are really important repairs to consider when reviewing your collection. Broken or worn clasps often result in the loss of much loved jewellery and rings that don’t fit comfortably usually end up lying at the bottom of a jewellery box. They are such easy fixes, but result in a brand new lease of life for your item. 

What is the best way to ensure a long life for your favourite pieces of jewellery?

My top tip to anyone wanted to prolong the life of their jewellery is to make sure you bring your pieces for regular professional inspections and check-ups! Bringing your favourite pieces to Warrenders on a regular basis allows the experts to identify signs of wear that you may miss. Worn claws and weaknesses in chains can be hard to spot and if missed can result in loss or further damage. Let the pros keep on top of your jewellery maintenance and those beautiful pieces will survive for generations to come!

11th - 17th March is London Recycles Repair Week, so during that week we will be offering free jewellery repair appraisals as well as double loyalty points on all repairs brought into our Cheam Road store.