Jewellery For The Whole Wedding Party

Jewellery For The Whole Wedding Party

Jewellery For The Whole Wedding Party

Flowers are blooming and the sun has made an appearance, which can only mean one thing, wedding season is here!

Looking and feeling your best is important, especially at a celebration like a wedding. So, whether bride, groom, a member of the wedding party or a guest, we’ve narrowed down the perfect jewels to elevate your wedding day ensemble to the next level.

Jewellery for the Bride

The jewellery you choose to wear on your wedding day should leave you feeling radiant. From ensuring your ‘something borrowed’ shines beautifully, to finding the ‘something new’ which makes you glow. We’ve put together our top picks for breath-taking bridal jewellery.

Something Old



18ct White Gold Emerald and Diamond Drop Earrings

18ct White Gold Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

Antique Tiara
As well as being available to purchase, we are delighted offer this beautiful tiara free of charge exclusively to couples purchasing wedding rings from us.

To find out more about loaning this one-of-a-kind piece for your wedding day, contact us on 020 8643 4381. *T&Cs apply


Something New




Platinum Diamond Pendant

White Gold Blue Topaz and Diamond Earrings

18ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Pearl and Diamond
Drop Earrings

Pearl and Diamond

Warrenders Top Tip: Bring your jewellery with you to your outfit fittings and hair trials. It helps you work out the best chain length to go with the neckline of your dress, or the perfect hairstyle to really show off those beautiful earrings.

Something Borrowed

If you choose to borrow a family heirloom or a treasured piece from a loved one, it is really important to make sure everything is secure and in really good condition. As jewellery ages, clasps can weaken and settings loosen. To avoid loss or damage, getting sentimental jewellery checked by a professional before your big day is a really good idea.

Our team is more than happy to give your jewellery a once over and advise if the piece needs any repairs. We offer a range of expert jewellery services including remodelling, ring adjustment, restoration, Rhodium plating and jewellery cleaning and polishing. We can ensure your special piece is secure and fits perfectly, so you can relax and focus on enjoying every moment of your wedding day.

Warrenders Top Tip: Get all jewellery – particularly your engagement ring - professionally cleaned and polished or re-rhodium plated before your big day. It ensures all your jewellery looks absolutely stunning next to your new weddings rings.

Something Blue 


18ct Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

Sapphire and Diamond Earrings

18ct Aquamarine and Diamond Pendant

Jewellery for the Groom

Choices for the stylish groom have increased tenfold over recent years. From highlighting your attire with your own spray of diamonds to beautiful watches, glistening cufflinks, bracelets and more. Below are our top picks for adding that little something extra to your wedding day outfit – including that all important sixpence!



And a Sixpence in your Shoe
Sixpence Cufflinks - £30

Vintage Waltham Pocket Watch

Men's Highlife Automatic Watch

18ct Four Diamond Signet Ring

Jewellery for a Wedding Guest

As any stylist knows, the perfect accessory makes the outfit. So if you have a special wedding to attend this summer, make sure your finishing touches are on-point. 


18ct Diamond Huggy Earrings

9ct White Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings


Vintage Sapphire & Diamond Cocktail Ring

Your Wedding Rings

Wedding planning can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Working out your non-negotiable areas can really help you focus your budget on what is important to you. For some that might be the perfect location or maybe securing the photographer of your dreams, but one area we suggest you do not compromise on is your wedding rings.

Although these tiny jewels can get overlooked in the midst of wedding planning, you wedding ring is the one thing you will wear day in, day out for the rest of your life, so quality is key.


Platinum Diamond Full Eternity Ring

18ct Diamond Eternity Ring

Platinum Diamond Full Eternity Ring

Warrenders Top Tip: Try on your new wedding rings a few weeks before your big day. You may have ordered them months in advance and not considered that your size might have changed so do give yourself a few weeks in case any alterations do need to be made so that they can be back for you to collect in plenty of time.

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Making the most of Vintage and Antique Jewellery

Making the most of Vintage and Antique Jewellery

With a history and life of its own, we are only a chapter in the story of vintage and antique jewellery. As caretakers of these beautiful pieces, it is our role to keep them loved and well looked after, ready to be enjoyed by their next custodian. 

Keep scrolling for our top tips on caring for older jewellery plus our favourites from our current vintage collection. 

Vintage and Antique Jewellery Care

Whilst modern jewellery is often made with resilience in mind, many vintage pieces have a more delicate design. This means a little extra care is required to keep these treasures looking their best. 

Keep away from chemicals

Planning on spring cleaning? Take off those jewels! Not only will chemicals dull the shine of your favourite pieces (new or old), over time they will gradually decay the precious metals and gemstones beyond repair. 

The finishing touch

Lotions, perfumes and cosmetic creams can clog up the settings in your jewellery, making them appear lack lustre. There is an easy fix, just make sure your jewellery is the last thing you put on when you are getting ready.

Store it well

The best way to store any type of fine jewellery is in a soft lined jewellery box. This is particularly important with delicate vintage and antique pieces to minimise scratches, chipping and other damage whilst stored.

Brush it off

After wearing it is a good idea to give your vintage and antique jewellery a gentle clean with a soft cloth. This helps to remove dirt or oils from the day, which in turn reduces how often you need to have your piece professionally cleaned by us!

Bring it to the pros!

Whilst a soft cloth might help reduce the required frequency of a pro clean, to keep your antique and vintage pieces in the very best condition, a trip to see us at Warrenders is advised. Not only will you be surprised at the transformation these older jewels can have, we will also give your piece a thorough check for signs of wear and tear which could lead to significant damage or loss if left unresolved.

Now you know how to look after your collection, here are some of our favourite pieces from our current range of vintage and antique jewellery.

 Sapphire and Diamond Ring - £795.00


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Meet Our Goldsmith

Meet Our Goldsmith

As a jewellery firm with a history that spans seven decades, we know the importance of quality. From the jewellery we display and the incredible customer service constantly given by our team, to the level of care, skill and precision provided through our jewellery services. Exceptional quality is the backbone of everything we do here at Warrenders and from our staff to our jewels, we only employ the very best.

With this in mind, in honour of Repair Week we chatted with our expert goldsmith, Steve, about the importance of high-quality jewellery repairs…

Tell us a bit about yourself - how did your career start as a goldsmith and what do you most love about your role?

Goldsmithery is in my blood. My father was a Goldsmith, so I grew up appreciating the finer intricacies of jewellery making and repair. I started my journey as a Goldsmith by attending Sir John Cass College of Art & Craft before working alongside my father as an apprentice.

I love working with all aspects of jewellery, particularly restoring jewellery I know is precious to the owner. With the right care, beautiful fine jewellery can be loved, worn and passed down for many generations. 

As well as crafting beautiful new jewellery, you specialise in bringing much loved pieces back to life. Is anything ever beyond repair?

Sadly yes, sometimes things are beyond repair. However, with most items, if I’d had the opportunity to repair them sooner, that would not be the case. That said, there are always ways to bring loved jewellery back to life, whether that is fixing the existing piece or, if that is not possible, taking the gemstones from worn out jewellery and remodelling them into something new.

What is the most common jewellery repair you see in your workshop?

Whilst no two repairs are ever the same, the most common repairs I see include adding new clasps to necklaces and also adjusting the size of rings. Both of these are really important repairs to consider when reviewing your collection. Broken or worn clasps often result in the loss of much loved jewellery and rings that don’t fit comfortably usually end up lying at the bottom of a jewellery box. They are such easy fixes, but result in a brand new lease of life for your item. 

What is the best way to ensure a long life for your favourite pieces of jewellery?

My top tip to anyone wanted to prolong the life of their jewellery is to make sure you bring your pieces for regular professional inspections and check-ups! Bringing your favourite pieces to Warrenders on a regular basis allows the experts to identify signs of wear that you may miss. Worn claws and weaknesses in chains can be hard to spot and if missed can result in loss or further damage. Let the pros keep on top of your jewellery maintenance and those beautiful pieces will survive for generations to come!

11th - 17th March is London Recycles Repair Week, so during that week we will be offering free jewellery repair appraisals as well as double loyalty points on all repairs brought into our Cheam Road store.


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Celebrating Repair Week

Celebrating Repair Week

Free Jewellery Repair Appraisals and Double Loyal Points on all Repairs!

11th - 17th March is London Recycles Repair Week and this year the team here at Warrenders are excited to be joining this great initiative to help promote the importance of reusing and repairing what you have!

Launched in 2020 with a focus on helping build more resilient, low carbon circular cities, Repair Week aims to encourage people across London and beyond to share knowledge and make use of the amazing repair services available throughout the city.

Our jewellery services have always been of great importance to us and to our customers. Thoughtful purchasing and looking after the beautiful pieces you already have, is at the heart of what we do, and therefore we strive to provide a wide range of services specially designed to prolong the life of your jewellery and reduce waste.

From our popular remodelling option to jewellery cleaning, repairs, watch restoration and more, our wide range of services have been tailored to ensure you get the very best out of your jewels.

As a 2024 Repair Week Partner we will be offering free jewellery repair appraisals as well as double loyalty points on all repairs brought into our Cheam Road store between 11th - 17th March. These points can be used for anything we have in-store, including future repairs and our jewellery maintenance services! As always, our expert team will be on hand to advise you on the best course of action to keep your much-loved jewellery looking its best and are happy to offer routine inspections on anything you bring in.

Over the years we have been lucky to help hundreds of people transform their damaged or unworn jewellery into something they will wear for many years to come. Keep reading for just a handful of our favourite jewellery remodelling and repair stories...

Remodelled Pendant

Remodelled Sapphire Pendant

This beautiful pendant was designed and created using diamonds from two of our customer’s existing rings, along with a gorgeous blue sapphire.

“From the very start with the initial design, suggestions and advice, the service has been exceptional. I am delighted with the finished pendant and want to give special thanks to Gemma for all her help.”

Roman coin commission

Unusual Roman Coin Commission

Turning old into new, we were lucky enough to work on this unusual and fascinating commission. Our customer came to us with an inherited set of spoons each housing an ancient Roman coin. The coins were found long ago by her great-grandfather whilst excavating in Greece. He had turned one coin into a ring and the other three he had set into spoons, all of which now belonged to our customer.

Using the original coin ring as a guide, we carefully remounted the coins into rings for our customer's three sons, giving them each an ancient piece of family history to treasure.

Before ring After Ring

Back to Beautiful

This stunning diamond was housed in a setting worn and damaged by decades of wear. We transformed the inherited piece back to its former glory, replacing the damaged band and remounting the beautiful stone in a fresh new setting.

Family bracelets

Sentimental Family Bracelets

These beautiful bracelets were created for our dear customer Mrs Todd and they hold a tender story of family love.
From a gold cigarette case inherited from her grandfather, Mrs Todd asked us to create gold trilogy links to represent herself, her sister and her brother who had sadly passed away.
Some of the trilogy links we made were turned into a beautiful pair of matching bracelets, one for her and one a gift for her sister who was recently married. On the wedding day the sisters swapped their identical bracelets to form the bride's 'something borrowed' and also provide a loving tribute to their brother.
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Our Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Our Valentine's Day Gift Guide
We are a team of romantics here at Warrenders Jewellers and truly love helping you find the perfect gift for your loved one. So to help you choose the right piece for your love one this Valentine’s Day, we have collated our top picks for gorgeous gifts they will adore...

Diamond Heart Huggies  - £375.00

Sofia's choice for a V-day gift they will treasure forever is these sweet earrings! Created in gorgeous gold with twinkling diamonds, the timeless nature of these beauties makes them a lasting reminder of the connection between you and your loved one.

Citizen Gents Automatic Tsuyosa - £299.00

This Citizen watch is John's top pick for Valentine's Day. Both stylish and practical, underneath an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, this sporty timepiece features a sunray yellow dial, making it easy to read in a fast-paced environment - perfect for those on the go!

Platinum Diamond Pendant - £2,750.00

Classic and elegant, Airene thinks this solitaire diamond pendant makes the perfect gift. The single diamond represents love and commitment, a thoughtful and beautiful way to express your feelings on this most romantic of days.

Silver Diamond Set Locket - £99.00

Jenny is head over heels for this charming heart locket. A special Valentine's Day gift with added sentimental value, this sweet locket allows the wearer to keep a meaningful memento close to their heart.

Platinum Princess Cut Diamond Ring - £6,995.00

Simon's choice for a beautiful Valentine's Day present is this contemporary but timeless Princess Cut Diamond Ring. With a sophisticated design and strikingly angular central diamond, this truly is a modern classic in the making.

Sapphire and Diamond Ring - £3,250.00

The sapphire and diamond gemstones in this Toi et Moi ring represent the two halves of one couple. With a name that's French for 'You and Me' this sentimental ring is a beautiful and meaningful way to express your love, and is Gemma's top choice for Valentine's Day.

The Right Engagement Ring For You

If you are planning on popping that all important question we can help you find the perfect ring. From dazzling diamond engagement rings to vintage rings full of character and of course our custom creations, our team are experts in finding the engagement ring of your dreams.
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The Science of Colour - Jewellery to Elevate Your Beauty

The Science of Colour - Jewellery to Elevate Your Beauty

We all know that incredible jewellery can transform your look, and although we are firm believers that you should choose the jewels that you love, the science of colour is an interesting one. Whether it is the way the right precious metal can instantly brighten your skin, or how the sparkle of a certain gemstone can light up your face. Keep reading for our tips on jewellery to elevate your natural beauty.

Skin Tone

If you are interested in tailoring your jewellery collection to complement your look as well as your style, then working out your skin tone is a great place to start.

Already a popular tool in the world of make-up and fashion, knowing your skin tone can be a wonderful starting point to curating your jewellery collection. There are two main skin tones, which are cool and warm. You can work out which category you fall into, by inspecting the veins on your inner wrist in daylight. If your veins appear blue or purple-ish then you are likely to have a cool skin tone, if they appear on the greener side, then your skin tone is probably warm.

The Best Precious Metal for Your Skin Tone

Obviously the science of colour can go far deeper than this, however, as a basic rule of thumb, white metals like white gold, silver and platinum best suit cool skin tones and work to brighten your complexion.

For warm toned skin, the richness of yellow or rose gold metals highlight the natural golden tones in your skin, adding radiance to your complexion.

Some lucky skin tones sit in-between cool and warm, benefiting from the beauty elevating qualities of both gold and silver metals.

gold necklace
white gold hoops


Gemstones to Make You Shine

Much like with precious metals, the right gemstones can also work to boost your natural beauty and skin tone can be used as a guide for this.
Cool skin tones look fantastic paired with beautiful brights like red, blue and purple. For example true red rubies, deeply saturated rich blue sapphires and the glorious hue of amethyst. Topaz, Tanzanite and emeralds also look gorgeous on cooler skin.
Warm skin is enhanced with orange, yellow, turquoise and warm greens like peridot. Examples of gemstones which are perfect for warmer skin tones include citrine, aquamarine, morganite, orange sapphire and yellow diamonds.
While this could be used as a guide when it comes to choosing your next piece of jewellery, wearing a piece you love is the most important factor in decision making.
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A Jewellery Wonderland - The Gold and Silver Edit

A Jewellery Wonderland - The Gold and Silver Edit
The final part of this year's collection of Christmas gift guides is dedicated to the jewellery we can't live without. The perfect finishing touch to any ensemble, these hardworking jewels elevate our wardrobe and also make wonderful gifts for those we love.

Keep reading for our edit of the most enchanting gold and silver jewellery...
The Gold Effect
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Fall Down The Rabbit Hole - Our Fine Jewellery Edit

Fall Down The Rabbit Hole - Our Fine Jewellery Edit

Take a trip down the rabbit hole and discover a curated collection of the finest of jewels.

From the hardworking pieces you rely on each day, to the showstoppers that transform the simplest of ensemble. Keep reading for the jewellery you just can't live without.


Glorious Glitz 



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Welcome to Wonderland - The Vintage Edit

Welcome to Wonderland - The Vintage Edit
This festive season embrace the magic and get lost in a world of our finest jewellery collections. From glittering jewels to beautiful antique pieces and of course perfect gifts, reawaken the enchantment of Christmas with Warrenders Jewellers.

Delight in the romance of years gone by with our edit of the best vintage and antique jewellery.

A Touch of Colour


All That Glitters

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New Beginnings - Breathing New Life Into Old Jewels

New Beginnings - Breathing New Life Into Old Jewels
Here at Warrenders we are firm believers that fine jewellery is there to be worn! Of course some pieces work a little harder than others, but no treasure should be destined to a life collecting dust at the bottom of the jewellery box.

If you have pieces in your collection which are just not your style, or maybe no longer comfortable, we can help. Our award-winning team are experts in transforming inherited or unworn jewellery into beautiful pieces to be treasured for years to come. From gently adapting a much-loved piece for a better fit, to completely reimagining unworn jewellery into a brand new design, we are experts in making your jewellery work for you.

Keep reading for a glimpse at some of the remodelled jewellery creations we have worked on recently.

This beautiful pendant was designed and created using diamonds from two of our customer’s existing rings, along with a gorgeous blue sapphire we sourced. We are pleased to say she was absolutely over the moon with her Warrenders creation:

"From the very start with the initial design, suggestions and advice, the service has been exceptional. I am delighted with the finished pendant and want to give special thanks to Gemma for all her help."

Created from a brooch our customer didn't wear, we carefully adapted the fastening without making any changes to the beautiful design, transforming the piece into this stunning pendant.

In celebration of our customer’s diamond wedding anniversary, we reimagined an inherited solitaire ring into this jaw dropping design, fit for 60 years of love. Featuring a nod to our customer’s original aquamarine engagement ring, the piece showcases the inherited diamond at its heart, beautifully supported by gleaming platinum and diamond encrusted shoulders.

These beautiful bracelets were created for our dear customer and hold a tender story of family love.

From a gold cigarette case inherited from her grandfather, our customer asked us to create gold trilogy links to represent herself, her sister and her brother who had sadly passed away.

Some of the trilogy links we made were turned into a beautiful pair of matching bracelets, one for her and one a gift for her sister who was recently married. On the wedding day the sisters swapped their identical bracelets to form the bride's 'something borrowed' and also provide a loving tribute to their brother.
We remodelled this diamond ring into something more our customer's style. Keen to keep the original mount for a future project, we carefully unset the two beautiful diamonds and used them in this modern, asymmetric design.
If you are interested in remodelling jewellery you no longer wear or would like to commission a new piece, please do get in touch on 020 8643 4381 and our team will be happy to help you.
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