The Science of Colour - Jewellery to Elevate Your Beauty

The Science of Colour - Jewellery to Elevate Your Beauty

We all know that incredible jewellery can transform your look, and although we are firm believers that you should choose the jewels that you love, the science of colour is an interesting one. Whether it is the way the right precious metal can instantly brighten your skin, or how the sparkle of a certain gemstone can light up your face. Keep reading for our tips on jewellery to elevate your natural beauty.

Skin Tone

If you are interested in tailoring your jewellery collection to complement your look as well as your style, then working out your skin tone is a great place to start.

Already a popular tool in the world of make-up and fashion, knowing your skin tone can be a wonderful starting point to curating your jewellery collection. There are two main skin tones, which are cool and warm. You can work out which category you fall into, by inspecting the veins on your inner wrist in daylight. If your veins appear blue or purple-ish then you are likely to have a cool skin tone, if they appear on the greener side, then your skin tone is probably warm.

The Best Precious Metal for Your Skin Tone

Obviously the science of colour can go far deeper than this, however, as a basic rule of thumb, white metals like white gold, silver and platinum best suit cool skin tones and work to brighten your complexion.

For warm toned skin, the richness of yellow or rose gold metals highlight the natural golden tones in your skin, adding radiance to your complexion.

Some lucky skin tones sit in-between cool and warm, benefiting from the beauty elevating qualities of both gold and silver metals.

gold necklace
white gold hoops


Gemstones to Make You Shine

Much like with precious metals, the right gemstones can also work to boost your natural beauty and skin tone can be used as a guide for this.
Cool skin tones look fantastic paired with beautiful brights like red, blue and purple. For example true red rubies, deeply saturated rich blue sapphires and the glorious hue of amethyst. Topaz, Tanzanite and emeralds also look gorgeous on cooler skin.
Warm skin is enhanced with orange, yellow, turquoise and warm greens like peridot. Examples of gemstones which are perfect for warmer skin tones include citrine, aquamarine, morganite, orange sapphire and yellow diamonds.
While this could be used as a guide when it comes to choosing your next piece of jewellery, wearing a piece you love is the most important factor in decision making.