Colour Consultation Workshops with Isobel Penny

Colour Consultation Workshops with Isobel Penny
Do you feel stuck on what colours truly suit you? Then we have a solution to all your styling woes. On 13th September we are welcoming House of Colour Consultant, Isobel Penny to Warrenders Jewellers for two mini Colour Consultation Workshops as part of our special 75th anniversary celebrations.

One of the leading colour and style consultancies, House of Colour is known for providing in-depth personal style analysis, taking into account personality and physical architecture as well as an individual's colouring.

The free workshops will give you a taster of what you could discover during a full Colour Consultation and Isobel will be offering helpful tips and advice on key considerations for the four main colouring groups - autumn, winter, spring and summer - including what colour of metal and precious stones suits each type.

There are limited spaces available, click here to book your spot now.

About Isobel

Isobel has been a Personal Stylist and Colour Consultant with House of Colour for over four years following having her own colour and style analysis done.

Growing up with very different colouring to her mother, Isobel always struggled to find clothes to suit her, frequently opting for shades which left her looking washed out and tired. She then discovered House of Colour and realised why the strong hued wardrobe she had been opting for wasn't working for her - she was an autumn! Once she switched her colour palette to the chestnut, dark browns, rich greens, golds and bronzes recommended for her type Isobel was amazed to see her hair, eyes and complexion come to life.

Since then Isobel has helped countless people have this same experience demonstrating the difference colour and style can make and giving them the tools to truly love and look great in the clothes they wear.