Taking Care of Your Jewellery This Summer

Taking Care of Your Jewellery This Summer

Sun cream, chlorine and perspiration can play havoc with your jewellery, but that doesn't mean you should pack your favourite pieces away until autumn!

We believe beautiful jewellery should be enjoyed all year round. So, if you want to dazzle poolside, we've put together some expert tips and tricks for keeping your jewellery looking its best this summer. 

The Heart of the Ocean
Although emerging from the waters of the Caribbean, Ursula Andress style, may not be ideal for keeping your jewellery looking its best (we recommend removing your jewellery before swimming), when it comes to summer jewels some precious stones and metals are better than others at withstanding holiday conditions.

Porous or sensitive stones like turquoise and emerald are particularly vulnerable to water damage, heat and exposure to chemicals and therefore may not be the best pairing for a summer escape. Non-porous gemstones like diamonds, tanzanite, sapphire and aquamarine are hardier, but are better saved for an evening soiree than a day at the beach.

Travel in Style
The key to travelling with fine jewellery is to keep each piece separate when stored. The best compact jewellery travel cases or rolls have individual compartments for each item, dedicated clasps for necklace chains to avoid them getting tangled and secure compartments for rings, bracelets and watches.

Keep it Clean
Even if you safely stowed your jewellery before applying sun cream or taking a dip, during the warmer months it is always a good idea to give each item a quick clean when you take it off at night. A wipe with a soft cloth can help remove perspiration, creams or oils which can tarnish or dull your jewellery.

At the end of summer we also advise bringing any frequently worn items in for a professional clean to remove dirt, oils and any rogue sand particles. Keeping on top of your jewellery maintenance is the best way to ensure your favourite pieces keep looking their best for many years to come.

Sweat it Out
Although perspiration isn’t the friend of most jewels, some gemstones love natural oils and look more lustrous and beautiful the more you wear them – perfect for hot, balmy evenings abroad! Pearls and opals in particular thrive when worn and are the kind of gemstones that don’t mind a little summer ‘glow’.

Our team are experts in gemstones and precious metals and are always more than happy to chat though the best care for your much loved jewellery, just pop into our Cheam Road store!